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Eco-friendly materials & solutions to match your brands’ unique mission, values and feelings


We help FC Barcelona, Royal Canin, La Caixa and many other leading businesses develop products with just the right perception and feeling as their brand. Standards are high, values are crucial, customers must identify with the final product.

“We often suffered delays & quality problems - not any more!”

ProDoServe is the only producer without any of those problems! They even solved delays we had with other suppliers and so today we only need to work with them. Plus there’s the personal service, providing great solutions, very quick prototyping and development, always maintaining the quality.

Mikel E, Director

“Good treatment and effectiveness”

As a first commercial experience with this company, I have to acknowledge the treatment and effectiveness of Arantxa Izura in attending to our proposals and facilitating the purchase with efficiency and success to what we intended, for which we will continue to have the services that they provide us.


J. Antonio, E. Gerente

You have responsibilities & goals, we help you achieve & exceed

    • Promotional & Store Buyers want:
      “attractive, quality items at a low price”
    • Designers want:
      “ideas & creations brought to life”
    • Brand Managers want:
      “personalised products & after sales service”

ProDoServe understand how important these are and so deliver to your exact needs. After all, we’re in this together.

As easy as 1, 2, 3!

We swiftly and clearly help you define your exact needs...

We want to listen to your goal product. This new creation is going to be a solution for your customer. Let us know about them, who are they, what do you want to make them feel, which are the values you want the product to provide to the consumer.

We get to work, bringing your or our ideas to life...

Product requirements, materials, looking, pattern, the smallest detail will be developed in this step to build the pre-production sample. Price, delivery date and destination are defined here.

Your products are delivered, anywhere in the world!

Once production is finished and after the final quality control and inspection, your order will be delivered to your warehouse, no matter where in the world.